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I've been through three usability tests and I couldn't agree more! The biggest challenge I've experienced around usability testing is in convincing executive stakeholders to pay for it or even more frustrating to follow through on findings (it usually degenerates into a debate about value and validity of results...ugh!) Any thoughts on how best to navigate the executive doubt?

gmerrifield, you raise a key issue.

When I'm successful getting a group I've never worked with before to do their first test -- I do everything I can to knock it out of the park.

I then use the video highlights from that study (which hopefully illustrate very useful learnings the team wasn't aware of), to convince them to run studies in the future.

I often sometimes will do "teasers" of 3-4 users as an internal selling approach -- so instead of going in with a deck I'm showing examples of user behaviors.

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